Winter Is Here

I live in South Dakota and luckily I live in the part of the state that didnt fare out too bad but there are parts of the state that have gotten major snow amounts.  My prayers especially go out to the families that got affected by tornadoes last night.

Every morning I check out my site Country Gourmet Home to see what the DEAL OF THE DAY is.  Today is meat loaf and that really sounds good on a cold snowy winter day.  You really should check out the Deal of the Day, even I, as a consultant, am not able to take a discount because I am already given such a great deal.  Now you may be asking why I would tell you about this when I don’t even get a commision as a consultant but I am all about getting a  good deal and want to make sure everyone is aware that this is out there.

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#11 Deal Of The Day – Mama’s Meatloaf & More Mix

Just add 2 pounds of ground beef and tomato puree to this mix for homemade meatloaf just like Mama used to make Add Mashed potatoes and green beans for a 70s style dish Variation: Great as a coating for pork chops or chicken. Just put in a bag and shake over some cutlets and bake. Delicious and easy!

Please stop by my site and see what looks good to you!



Frustration Has Set In!

I will be the 1st to admit that I am not very smart when it comes to technology.  I feel like I have done pretty good by getting a business facebook page set up(even though I dont think I have done this completely right) and I have started this blog.  This is where you all come into play I am hoping.  I think in order for my business facebook page to work correctly I have to have so many people like it.  Can you be so kind and to like my facebook page.  I would really appreciate it.  Since I feel like I am a little mixed up today I think I will tell you about the dip mixes beings I feel like a dip when it comes to this computer stuff.

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#101 Crabby Seafood Dip Mix

Add 8 oz cream cheese and crab to make an amazing sea food dip. This dip has wonderful spices used in many sea food dishes for dip mix that will make you the hit of the party.

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#195 Spring Spinach Dip Mix

Our spring spinach dip mix is a tantalizing blend of summer herbs and real spinach leaves. Just add sour cream and serve with fresh vegetables, chips, or crackers.

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#131 Sesame Garlic Dip Mix

One of our best sellers! Try this mix with many recipes, especially as a dip or spread on sandwiches or to make chicken scampi. Our favorite way is to make a cheese ball! Recipes on back. You can also add a little to whipped butter for a toasted garlic bread!

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#132 Creamy Cajun Dip Mix

Jazz up your cooking with this great blend of Cajun spices. Create your own sauce for a spicy kick on your sandwiches, just add to 1 cup mayo and 1 cup of sour cream and mix. Ooh-eee that’s good!

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#133 French Onion Dip Mix

Our amazing french onion dip mix has flavorful minced onions and super flavor.

French Onion Dip Mix – add sour cream, makes 2 cups of wonderful french onion dip mix.

French Onion Roast Mix – add water and your favorite roast.

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#134 Creamy Dill Dip Mix

Fresh dill makes this dip irresistible! Sweet dill and our own spice blend will make this dips one of your favorites.

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#137 Spicy Salsa Blend

Add to sour cream or use as a run for fajita night!

Spicy Salsa Blend Dip Mix. Just Add – sour cream

#158 Country Bacon Dip Mix

A great bend of bacon with a touch of country hickory. Just add it to sour cream and serve with your favorite chips or crackers.

#206 Bean Dip

A best seller!! So good, you just have to try it! A perfect blend of re-fried beans and spices, just add water.

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#294 Baja Lime Cilantro Dip Mix

A baja sensation! Zesty lime and spices make this a fun dip for a fiesta dinner.

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#382 Sun Dried Tomato Dip Mix

Real sun dried tomatoes with aromatic herbs make this a spectacular dip mix.

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#461 Southwestern Dip Mix

A wonderful blend of spice with just the right amount of southwest kick.

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#462 Cheesy Beer Dip Mix

A robust blend of country spices with a hint of cheddar and beer. A party favorite!

#463 Parmesan Herb Dip Mix

Parmesan and a blend of five fresh herbs in an easy to prepare dip mix.

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#568 Blue Cheese Dip Mix

Enjoy a simple blue cheese dip by adding our blue cheese mix to 16 oz of sour cream.

This dip does contain MSG so we are in the process of working on a new dip.

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#569 Buffalo Dip Mix

A perfect dip mix for those that enjoy the spice of buffalo wings. We blended our homemade ranch with a bit of buffalo spice for a tasteful dip mix.

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#570 Horsey Vegetable Dip Mix

Fresh garden vegetables with a touch of herbs and horseradish for a kick.

Buy 3 Dips for $10-dip mixes, dip mix

#571 Hot Enchilada Sauce Dip Mix

Our hot enchilada sauce makes a perfect chip dip. Just add water and mix and heat just until sauce begins to thicken.

#683 Hickory Ranch Dip Mix

Yum, ranch dressing mix and kickin’ hickory will make this dip one of your favorites!

Thanks for stopping by.


Friday Is Finally Here! Time For A Movie & Popcorn

I live for the weekends.  I really like my daytime job but I love weekends and being able to work on my fun/hobby job.  Tonight I am going to pop some popcorn and watch a movie with my daughter and husband.  I would like to  introduce you to the popcorn seasonings that Country Gourmet Home offers.

#267 Bold Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning

This is not your ordinary cheddar popcorn seasoning ,we have added our own little touch to give it a flavorful cheesy spice.

#297 Parmesan Garlic Popcorn Seasoning

Cheesy Parmesan seasoned with garlic in a yummy pop corn seasoning. Make sure you pop extra for this one, it goes fast!.

#298 Salt and Vinegar Popcorn Seasoning

We created this popcorn seasoning for our customers who crave a little bit of salt and sour.  Sprinkle over fresh popped popcorn and get ready for a great snack.

#300 Honey Vanilla Popcorn Seasoning

If you like your popcorn sweet, this one is for you. Rich honey complemented with a touch of vanilla, simply delightful! Comes in a reusable bag for easy storage.

#417 Spicy Southwest Popcorn Seasoning

Our southwest popcorn seasoning is a blend of jalapeno, garlic, and southwestern spices. Just sprinkle over a bowl of freshly popped popcorn for a little kick!

#467 Kettle Corn Popcorn Seasoning

Hints of butter and sweetness in a classic popcorn seasoning. Resealable for easy storage.

#629 Caramel Chocolate Popcorn Seasoning

Delightful caramel and chocolate in a fun popcorn seasoning mix. Comes in a resealable bag OR add a shaker jar.

#630 Sour Cream & Chive Popcorn Seasoning Mix

Family movie night is one of our favorite treats! Enjoy your time together with a fun popcorn seasoning mix.

Come over to my site if your in the mood for some seasonings for your popcorn.


Snow Means Pizza For Me

Today we had around 4 inches of heavy wet snow.  When I got home from work I felt like sitting in front of a fireplace eating pizza.  I don’t have a fireplace, that is on my wish list but I did have the makings for a good pizza.  Did you know that Country Gourmet Home offers a dough mix that works perfect for pizza.  Here are some of our other options in our Baking Mixes section.

#186 Do It All Dough Mix

Mama’s Do It All Dough Mix is a just add water mix that will make pizza dough, dinner rolls, french bread, homemade white bread and more. Makes 12 dinner rolls or 2 16 inch pizzas.

Do It All Dough Mix Requires – egg, water, and oil depending on your selected use.

#231 Ultimate Biscuit Mix

Our easy to make biscuits have a buttermilk base and all you add is water. Use this mix to make biscuits, shortcakes, scones, waffles & pancakes.

Just add water.

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#234 Gingerbread House Kit

A complete gingerbread house mix including candy pieces for decoration.

Our gingerbread house mix includes house building plans and icing mortar mix. Have a family night of fun creating your own gingerbread house.

These gingerbread house mixes are made at the time of ordering, so even if you purchase our mix in the middle of July it will be fresh.

Gingerbread House Kit Requires – water and egg

#235 Honey Cornbread Mix

This isn’t an ordinary cornbread mix. This is a sweet cornbread made with the taste of honey. Just add milk or water!  Makes 12 muffins or one 8 x 8 pan of corn bread.

**Comes with a honey butter mix for a delicious honey butter to spread on top!

Great for those holiday dinners or to go with our Daddy’s Chili Mix.

#291 Cinnamon Chip Sugar Biscuit

Warm homemade biscuits filled with cinnamon chips and cinnamon sugar. Serve these with one of our fresh jams or jellies.

Just add Water

#505 Vanilla Cinnamon Roll Mix

Warm cinnamon rolls, easy to make! Complete with vanilla cinnamon topping. Separate raisin packet included.

Add egg, butter, and oil

Add a packet of butter cream frosting for a wonderful frosted handmade cinnamon roll.

Can’t you just smell that fresh warm bread or roll?




Slow Cooker To The Rescue

Today was one of those days at work that I was sooo glad that I put dinner in the slow cooker. I got home from work tired but when I walked in the door and smelled my dinner I got a new burst of energy.  I thought I would share with you what slow cooker mixes Country Gourmet Home offers.

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#241 Beef Burgundy Slow Cooker Mix

Julia Child made the French dish of boeuf bourguignon popular. We make it easy! Just add our mix to 1 or 2 pounds of stew meat and cook in a crock pot for 6 hours. Experience a delicious stew that is sure to get you lots of compliments as the chef!

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#466 Shredded Pork Seasoning

This mix is loaded with flavor, over 15 herbs and spices were used in the creation! Just add a pork loin roast and slow cook until tender. Shred the pork, stir and let sit for 10 minutes covered in slow cooker. Just add olive oil and pork loan roast.


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#578 Flavorful Pot Roast

Our flavorful pot roast is a perfect way to start the day! Add your frozen roast and seasonings to your crock pot and slow cook for a fall apart sensation!  Just add water.

* Add mini new potatoes or carrots for a complete dish.

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#579 French Onion Pot Roast Mix

This roast mix is based off of our popular french onion dip mix. Simply add your favorite pot roast right from the freezer, our slow cooker mix and a little bit of water. Slow cook and enjoy!

This mix will also make an amazing chip dip, just add to 16 oz sour cream.

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#580 Tangy Rib and BBQ Sauce Mix

When cooler weather brings cooking from the grill to the indoors use this mix to create amazing tangy ribs. Simply add pork or beef ribs (we recommend country style boneless) and water.

After your ribs have slow cooked and are fork tender increase the heat of your slow cooker to high to thicken the sauce and make a homemade BBQ sauce.

Perfect with one of our premium wild rice side dishes.

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#581 Family Chicken Mix

A perfect blend of fresh herbs and spices added to your chicken and slow cooked. Add vegetables or potatoes for a hearty comforting meal.

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#582 Apple Maple Rice Pudding

Our amazing mid-west grown wild rice with cranberry, almonds and a warm apple maple seasoning.

Just add milk and slow cook!

Complete Chili Mix-complete chili mix

#588 Complete Chili Mix

A complete mix with beans and mild spies make this an ultimate family favorite. Simply add water and slow cook. For an even heartier dish add cooked ground beef or stew meat.

Caribbean Jerk Chicken

#685 Caribbean Jerk Chicken

A hint of sweet wrapped around Caribbean spices, this one is not for the light at heart and has a bit of a kick. We LOVE to dip this chicken in honey!

Just add water and chicken.

If you haven’t gotten your slow cooker out for awhile, now is the time to try one of Country Gourmet Home Slow Cooker Mixes.


Smoothie Time

I work in a hospital that also has a nursing home attached to it.  Well today the nursing home residents were celebrating aloha day and were making smoothies for all the workers.  A smoothie is great any time of the year so I thought I would share what smoothies that Country Gourmet Home offers.

#276 Strawberry Cream Smoothie Mix

This yummy smoothie mix is filled with real strawberry and complemented with rich vanilla. Just add 2 cups of water and 2 cups of ice for a delicious beverage that’s sure to cool you off on hot summer days. Add milk or yogurt for a healthy alternative.

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#277 Raspberry Lemon Smoothie Mix

This yummy smoothie mix is filled with real raspberry and complemented with refreshing lemon. Just add 2 cups of water and 2 cups of ice for a delicious beverage that’s sure to cool you off on hot summer days! Add milk or yogurt for a healthy alternative.

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#278 Vanilla Orange Cream Smoothie

This yummy smoothie mix is filled with orange and cream. Just add 2 cups of water and 2 cups of ice for a delicious beverage that’s sure to cool you off on hot summer days. Add milk or yogurt for a healthy alternative.

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#279 Blueberry Cream Smoothie

This yummy smoothie mix is filled with real blueberry and cream. Just add 2 cups of water and 2 cups of ice for a delicious beverage that’s sure to cool you off on hot summer days. Add milk or yogurt for a healthy alternative.

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#280 Key Lime Smoothie Mix

Refreshing key lime smoothie mix. Just add 2 cups of water and 2 cups of ice for a delicious beverage that’s sure to cool you off on hot summer days. Add milk or yogurt for a healthy alternative.

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#501 Cherry Lemon Smoothie Mix

Creamy smoothie mix with cherry and lemon zest. Add water and ice or frozen yogurt for a yummy smoothie treat.

Feel free to stop on over to my site and have a smoothie transport you to some tropical paradise.


Hungry for a cookie?

It’s snowing out tonight and I got a craving for some freshly baked cookies.  Can you guess which one I went with?

CGH – Cookie Mixes

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#109 Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix

Our original recipe of Mama’s Chocolate Chip cookies! Just add water, mix and pop into the oven for some of the most delightful, moist, chewy homemade cookies. Makes about 2 dozen regular size cookies.

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#111 All Around Cookie Mix

Our basic cookie mix is perfect for adding your favorite mix-ins. This base bakes up soft and warm and has a touch of vanilla flavor.  Just add water!

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#250 Sugar Cookie Mix

Our traditional sugar cookie mix created from grandma’s country sugar cookie mix. Add our buttery vanilla frosting mix just perfect for holidays, special occasions, or to share with family.  Just add eggs, milk, and butter.

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#386 Lillia’s Peanut Butter Cookie Mix

Our peanut butter cookie mix is easy to make and bakes up warm and soft. Makes 24 regular sized cookies.  Just add water!

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#472 Ultimate Cookie Mix

Looking for a loaded cookie mix, here it is! A super flavorful cookie mix with milk chocolate, white chocolate, and peanut butter chips.  Just add water!

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#473 Chocolate Storm Cookie Mix

Chocolate cookie mix with white chocolate chips. One of our favorites, these are so rich!  Just add water!

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#474 Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar Mix

We created this mix after a restaurant favorite chocolate chip skillet cookie that we just can’t get enough of. Soft an moist these are irresistible!  Add a drizzle of warm chocolate sauce, yum!

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#498 No Bake Cookie Mix

A childhood favorite stove top drop cookie mix. Peanut butter and chocolate flavor wrapped around oatmeal. Makes 2 dozen delightful cookies, peanut butter included!  Just add butter.


For me it was a warm chocolate chipper cookie.