Wickless Wax Melts

It is only the 18th of February but it was a beautiful spring like day today in my corner of the world.  With spring comes all the fresh smells so I thought I would introduce you to our Wickless Wax Melts in a variety of scents.

As you may or may not know Country Gourmet Home features a line of wax melts that were developed and handmade by the owner of our company. Each melt is designed to heat at a low temperature making you safe from potential burns and this also extends the fragrance life. Our melts come in a variety of over 200 scents and WILL make your house smell fantastic.

Some of the fragrance lines we offer are:

Aroma Therapy Wax Melts
Baked Goodies and Coffee House
Floral Wax Scents
Fruit Wax Melts
Seasonal and Holiday Wax Melts
Country Gourmet Home Blends & Duplicates
Earth and Nature Wax Scents

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