Hungry for a cookie?

It’s snowing out tonight and I got a craving for some freshly baked cookies.  Can you guess which one I went with?

CGH – Cookie Mixes

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#109 Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix

Our original recipe of Mama’s Chocolate Chip cookies! Just add water, mix and pop into the oven for some of the most delightful, moist, chewy homemade cookies. Makes about 2 dozen regular size cookies.

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#111 All Around Cookie Mix

Our basic cookie mix is perfect for adding your favorite mix-ins. This base bakes up soft and warm and has a touch of vanilla flavor.  Just add water!

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#250 Sugar Cookie Mix

Our traditional sugar cookie mix created from grandma’s country sugar cookie mix. Add our buttery vanilla frosting mix just perfect for holidays, special occasions, or to share with family.  Just add eggs, milk, and butter.

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#386 Lillia’s Peanut Butter Cookie Mix

Our peanut butter cookie mix is easy to make and bakes up warm and soft. Makes 24 regular sized cookies.  Just add water!

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#472 Ultimate Cookie Mix

Looking for a loaded cookie mix, here it is! A super flavorful cookie mix with milk chocolate, white chocolate, and peanut butter chips.  Just add water!

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#473 Chocolate Storm Cookie Mix

Chocolate cookie mix with white chocolate chips. One of our favorites, these are so rich!  Just add water!

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#474 Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar Mix

We created this mix after a restaurant favorite chocolate chip skillet cookie that we just can’t get enough of. Soft an moist these are irresistible!  Add a drizzle of warm chocolate sauce, yum!

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#498 No Bake Cookie Mix

A childhood favorite stove top drop cookie mix. Peanut butter and chocolate flavor wrapped around oatmeal. Makes 2 dozen delightful cookies, peanut butter included!  Just add butter.


For me it was a warm chocolate chipper cookie.



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