Snow Means Pizza For Me

Today we had around 4 inches of heavy wet snow.  When I got home from work I felt like sitting in front of a fireplace eating pizza.  I don’t have a fireplace, that is on my wish list but I did have the makings for a good pizza.  Did you know that Country Gourmet Home offers a dough mix that works perfect for pizza.  Here are some of our other options in our Baking Mixes section.

#186 Do It All Dough Mix

Mama’s Do It All Dough Mix is a just add water mix that will make pizza dough, dinner rolls, french bread, homemade white bread and more. Makes 12 dinner rolls or 2 16 inch pizzas.

Do It All Dough Mix Requires – egg, water, and oil depending on your selected use.

#231 Ultimate Biscuit Mix

Our easy to make biscuits have a buttermilk base and all you add is water. Use this mix to make biscuits, shortcakes, scones, waffles & pancakes.

Just add water.

Larger Image

#234 Gingerbread House Kit

A complete gingerbread house mix including candy pieces for decoration.

Our gingerbread house mix includes house building plans and icing mortar mix. Have a family night of fun creating your own gingerbread house.

These gingerbread house mixes are made at the time of ordering, so even if you purchase our mix in the middle of July it will be fresh.

Gingerbread House Kit Requires – water and egg

#235 Honey Cornbread Mix

This isn’t an ordinary cornbread mix. This is a sweet cornbread made with the taste of honey. Just add milk or water!  Makes 12 muffins or one 8 x 8 pan of corn bread.

**Comes with a honey butter mix for a delicious honey butter to spread on top!

Great for those holiday dinners or to go with our Daddy’s Chili Mix.

#291 Cinnamon Chip Sugar Biscuit

Warm homemade biscuits filled with cinnamon chips and cinnamon sugar. Serve these with one of our fresh jams or jellies.

Just add Water

#505 Vanilla Cinnamon Roll Mix

Warm cinnamon rolls, easy to make! Complete with vanilla cinnamon topping. Separate raisin packet included.

Add egg, butter, and oil

Add a packet of butter cream frosting for a wonderful frosted handmade cinnamon roll.

Can’t you just smell that fresh warm bread or roll?





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