Winter Is Here

I live in South Dakota and luckily I live in the part of the state that didnt fare out too bad but there are parts of the state that have gotten major snow amounts.  My prayers especially go out to the families that got affected by tornadoes last night.

Every morning I check out my site Country Gourmet Home to see what the DEAL OF THE DAY is.  Today is meat loaf and that really sounds good on a cold snowy winter day.  You really should check out the Deal of the Day, even I, as a consultant, am not able to take a discount because I am already given such a great deal.  Now you may be asking why I would tell you about this when I don’t even get a commision as a consultant but I am all about getting a  good deal and want to make sure everyone is aware that this is out there.

Larger Image

#11 Deal Of The Day – Mama’s Meatloaf & More Mix

Just add 2 pounds of ground beef and tomato puree to this mix for homemade meatloaf just like Mama used to make Add Mashed potatoes and green beans for a 70s style dish Variation: Great as a coating for pork chops or chicken. Just put in a bag and shake over some cutlets and bake. Delicious and easy!

Please stop by my site and see what looks good to you!



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