Made By Hand

Commonly Asked Questions About Country Gourmet Home Products…

-What do you mean by “made by hand”? This
is a commonly asked question here at Country
Gourmet Home. What exactly does this

Country Gourmet Home products are made
tsp by tsp, cup by cup measured by hand for
each individual mix. During this process we
take great care in keeping batches small to
ensure high quality and if a mistake is made
that only a couple of products are affected.

– Do your mixes come from a manufacturing
plant that you then repackage to make a mix?

No, we manufacture the mixes from start to
finish. From our marinara to our pancake
mixes each and every mix is hand measured
and created from basic ingredients.

– How does this affect the company shipping?

Our dedication to made by hand mixes can at
times cause delays in shipping. Because we
DO NOT store any of the mixes in order to
ensure that when the arrive at your door step
they are fresh from our kitchen we do experience delays when we have large changes in our family, the company and during holiday times.

– Do you think the company will move into a
machine type of mix operation in the future?

No, Country Gourmet Home takes great pride
in offering products that are made by hand
from US grown products. We will not mass
produce our recipes in a manufacturing plant.

– Basically, who is behind CGH and the product line?

Country Gourmet Home is solely owned and
operated by a husband and wife team, we
have NO outside investors or partnerships.
This company is ran through the ideas and
feedback of our consultant family.

– How can you carry so many mixes?

Because we make each mix by hand we are
able to offer a large variety of mixes. We enjoy creating and testing new recipes at our
family table, once we have them just right we
share them with your family.

– What type of facility are the products made
in? We have a full commercial kitchen area
dedicated to Country Gourmet Home. Our
kitchen has been certified by the State of
Idaho and all mix makers must follow precautions for cross contamination. We also mandate that anyone in the CGH kitchen must
have a hair net on and all mix makers must
wear gloves while making and packaging
mixes. We take great pride in a sanitary and
clean kitchen.

If you have additional questions please don’t
hesitate to contact me.




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