Kuchen The Official Dessert Of South Dakota

Twelve years ago today, kuchen became the official dessert of South Dakota. What’s your favorite flavor?

Kuchen is a tasty dessert with a dough crust and custard filling. Usually fruit is found in kuchen, but cheese or sugar can be used instead. It is normally topped with cinnamon.

Although it is most commonly thought of as a dessert, it can also be eaten as a snack or breakfast food.

I remember growing up and quite often my mom made kuchen.  I like all types of kuchen but probably my favorite would be peach.  Mom would spend all day working on making up a bunch of different kuchens and then she would freeze a bunch of them for later use.  Since my husband and I both work outside the home I don’t care to spend my entire day off baking but I like to have a delicious dessert now and then so that is why I was drawn to the mixes at Country Gourmet Home.  I can have a delicious dessert that takes little time or effort but still have it taste like I remember my moms cooking.  You should try one sometime, I can guarantee you will love them.




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