1st Vendor Event

On Saturday the 24th I had my 1st vendor event.  It was an absolutely beautiful day which did effect how many people came to the event.  I didn’t mind that it wasn’t slower since it was my 1st event and I wasn’t sure how my table would look etc.

My husband came to the rescue for me.  Saturday morning he told me since I sell for Country Gourmet Home I need a booth that looks country so he went outside and an hour later came in with a rustic shelf that he had put together.  It worked perfect and looked so rustic.  My husband then saw me trying to figure something out to use as a unique business card holder, again he comes to the rescue.  My husband likes to collect older rustic items and he brought in to me an old hand pump that we had and said this would be perfect to hold my business cards and again he was right.

I am going to share a couple of pictures of the booth that I had set up.  I am feeling better about the next event and have a better idea of what does and doesn’t work and now I have a list of the items that I should have had available and didn’t.

If you would ever like to try any of our mixes please let me know.

I can describe Country Gourmet Home in two words:  EASY & DELICIOUS





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