How to Create a Welcome Home

If you want to create a warm and inviting home, but you like to change fragrances regularly, or scented candles are an impractical option, then wickless wax melts may be just the solution to create a welcoming home after a hard day.
Our homes are our sanctuaries. How can we make them to be cozy places to experience comfort, relaxation and reflect our personalities? Fragrance is that extra layer that can make a house smell like home, and scented wickless wax melts offer an affordable, quick releasing, room filling fragrance that can be easily changed or customized.
As wonderful as scented candles can be, wickless wax melts offer the option of frequently changing your home scent to suit your mood every time you add a new melt. You can even mix fragrances by adding different melts together in the same tray to create your own custom fragrance.
At Country Gourmet Home we offer numerous different fragrances for our wickless wax melts. Shane and Amy carefully measure and add the same amount of fragrance to every melt to insure consistent quality. The amount of fragrance throw is mostly dependent on the fragrance chosen. Not all fragrances have the same throw. Different individuals have different tastes in fragrances. I am often asked what my favorite fragrance is. My favorite fragrance is not always our company’s bestselling fragrance. Some individuals enjoy a musk smell, while others do not. Some like a flower smell, while others like a baked goods smell or a fruit smell. We sell a pineapple upside down cake fragrance that smells just like the real thing baking in the oven. One of my friends told me once that she was melting the pineapple upside down cake melt in her warmer when her son stopped by for a visit. The son stayed and sat for a while visiting. Finally, after a bit, he turned to her and asked when the cake would be done baking. He honestly thought she had a pineapple upside down cake in the oven. We also have a fragrance called doodle bug, which is a fun fragrance that is an exciting combination of cream soda, fresh watermelon slices, hubba bubba bubblegum with just a hint of newborn baby.
If you love fragrance our wickless wax melts can be used for whatever you need. Meditation, relaxation, or just to add a clean highly scented fragrance which makes home the place where you and your family want to be.

These are the scents we currently have for purchase:

Apple & Oak –  a lighter clean scent, wisps of orchard apple bits and light oak breezes.

Apple Peel Vanilla – creamy vanilla wrapped around fresh cut apple slices.

Butt Naked – a fruity twist sensation of strawberry, melon, and pineapple.

Caramel Macchiato – rich coffee, caramel drizzle and vanilla cream.

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar – light notes of roasted chestnuts wrapped in an abundance of creamy brown sugar.

China Rain – refreshing clean aroma with slight notes of rose, sandalwood, & wisteria.

Country Apple – season after season, one of our best selling scents. Ripe apple with a touch of pink sugar and a warm spring breeze.

Country Bumpkin – aromas from a country prim pie, very spicy.

Cranberry Cardamom Clove – each scent perfectly balanced.

Cup Of Joe – for our coffee lovers, straight out of a coffee shop.

Doodle Bug – the fun of childhood! Bubblegum, cream soda, and hints of new born baby.

Egyptian Sheets – Amy Beth’s favorite! Place your self in the elegance and splendor of queens private bath. Soft elegance weaved through rare dried floral.

Palm Island – slight masculine scent from an ocean oasis.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake – simply yum, this dessert is spot on!

Posh & Pretty – Our new scent blend is a “Pink Sugar” duplicate combining fluffy cotton candy, vanilla, raspberry bits, caramel, and a very soft fruity musk.

Raspberry Lime – fresh summer raspberry and drops of lime.

Sweet Grass & Cedar – a lighter scent great for those who like refreshing aromas. The cedar is very light and a perfect match for the fresh cut sweet grass.

This Old House –  splendid! A warm summer breeze picks up notes of antique wood and light spices.



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