Empower Yourself To Succeed!

I just wanted to share with you one of the reasons way I am so glad I joined up with Country Gourmet Home.  This is what Amy has to say:

Empower Your Self To Succeed!

In 2005 my dreams became a reality! I was accepted into the United States Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training Program.  I had recently completed my degree in Aviation Technology while being a wife to the most amazing man on earth and mother to two beautiful boys.

Our adventure began, shortly after entering the service Shane and I started a small online home décor business named Mr Momz General Store. We will be the first to admit we made some horrible businesses choices during the first year. We wanted nothing more than for our business to be successful! Shane had become a stay at home dad due to the long hours I was spending in pilot training and we were trying to make ends meet on a substantially smaller income than we had before joining. This lead to some desperate business decisions but eventually we found our niche in the food industry.

Our business slowly grew as we moved on to our second military assignment. It was during this time that we began to notice some changes in our youngest sons behavior. I was deployed and away from home continuously while Shane kept the businesses going and raised our boys. I had my mind set on moving up the military ladder, my son, I told my self would eventually figure out how to deal with my absence.

It was not until a move during the summer of 2011 that I realized the extent of my sons health issues, I had been so focused on my career.  Shane had done a wonderful job of keeping the extent of our sons developing problems to himself so I could focus on my flying. I had a break down, torn between my commitment to my country and my need to take care of my child.

As a military pilot I had a long commitment, almost 6 years remaining. I was being told by health care professionals that the only way I could help my son was to provide him a stable environment, not something easily achieved with my line of work. The military has rules and regulations and a military members commitment is firm. Something I complexly agree with, as it is the foundation that our freedoms are built upon. I knew and understood why I could not just walk away. It was time to work on an action plan that would allow me to take care of both my commitments, one to my country and one as a mother. The next year would be one of the toughest of my life.

With the help of some amazing military leaders and a push from my Congressman I was able to submit a request to be released from Active Duty service so I could join an Air National Guard where my time would be more flexible and Shane and I could live in one location. Knowing that my son needed immediate help and a solid place to call home, Shane took the boys and moved back to his childhood home. There he could stabilize our home and get help from immediate family.  I rented a small apartment, borrowed an air mattress and began the fight of my life.

We were truly blessed; it took almost a year from the beginning of the process to the notification from Washington DC. I was determined to find a way to continue my commitment to my country while being able to provide the care for my child, finally an answer!

During this time our company experienced a 300% growth rate, Shane was absolutely selfless! Keeping the business going alone, taking care of our children all while dealing with the unknown. At times it was a real struggle and we often wondered what God really had in store for us. Why was our little company doing so well at a time when our sons health was at stake and I was not able to be at home to help. We will honestly say there were many times during this struggle when we almost closed the doors on our business. Each time forging ahead, we knew we had made a commitment to our customers, many of them were relying on us for their incomes.

I have learned two lessons from this experience; (1) never doubt the Lord, he truly knows when and where things need to happen, (2) never give up, with an undying determination you can make anything happen.

I am continually grateful for my family and the support they showed while I was separated from my children, Shane and his wonderful determination to keep things going, our wonderful company reps who were so supportive during this process and to the leadership in both the Air Force and National Guard that helped me to be able to care for my sons needs while continuing to honorably serve my country.

Get out there and own the day!

Amy Beth

If you would like to be a part of this amazing company or have any questions please let me know.

Cindy   www.cookinwithmixes.com


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