Week Two Birthday Celebration Special!

Country Gourmet Home-Birthday Special through June 14th 2012! Buy 2 get 1 FREE of our wickless wax melts! Hand poured and made from our own custom blend of wax with a low melting point, this extends your fragrance life! Use in any wax warmer. We offer a variety of wax warmers too!

There is a limit of 5 FREE packages.

Apple & Oak – a lighter clean scent, wisps of orchard apple bits and light oak breezes.

Apple Peel Vanilla – creamy vanilla wrapped around fresh cut apple slices.

Butt Naked – a fruity twist sensation of strawberry, melon, and pineapple.

Caramel Macchiato – rich coffee, caramel drizzle and vanilla cream.

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar – light notes of roasted chestnuts wrapped in an abundance of creamy brown sugar.

China Rain – refreshing clean aroma with slight notes of rose, sandalwood, & wisteria.

Country Apple – season after season, one of our best selling scents. Ripe apple with a touch of pink sugar and a warm spring breeze.

Country Bumpkin – aromas from a country prim pie, very spicy.

Cranberry Cardamom Clove – each scent perfectly balanced.

Cup Of Joe – for our coffee lovers, straight out of a coffee shop.

Doodle Bug – the fun of childhood! Bubblegum, cream soda, and hints of new born baby.

Egyptian Sheets – Amy Beth’s favorite! Place your self in the elegance and splendor of queens private bath. Soft elegance weaved through rare dried floral.

Palm Island – slight masculine scent from an ocean oasis.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake – simply yum, this dessert is spot on!

Posh & Pretty – Our new scent blend is a “Pink Sugar” duplicate combining fluffy cotton candy, vanilla, raspberry bits, caramel, and a very soft fruity musk.

Raspberry Lime – fresh summer raspberry and drops of lime.

Sweet Grass & Cedar – a lighter scent great for those who like refreshing aromas. The cedar is very light and a perfect match for the fresh cut sweet grass.

This Old House – splendid! A warm summer breeze picks up notes of antique wood and light spices.


Lilac – fresh and in full bloom!

Leather – pure leather scent right from the saddle shop.

Intrigue –  complex blend of citrus and floral in a warm summer breeze, yin and yang.




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