Help Country Gourmet Home Attain Their Kosher, Organic & Halal Certification

View a short clip from the Owner of Country Gourmet Home

Our Campaign:

Country Gourmet Home is campaigning for funds that will allow us to expand our product base with Organic, Kosher, and Halal certification.

Our company has a large fundraising opportunity, these certifications will allow us to “pay it forward” reaching further into the community and supporting programs that we would other wise not be certified for.

Participants will have the option of being placed on a website page created specifically for our cause. If you have a business or organization you may have the name and if applicable website link or address posted.

Your Funds:

All proceeds from your funds will be used in certifying our products. Those with specific requests can send their information to and we will be happy to apply your funds to the certification of your choice.

Under no circumstances will ANY of the funds collected from this campaign be used for any other purpose.

All funds will be placed into savings until we have enough collected for the certification.

Once we are granted our initial certifications we will use the profits from the sale of these items to re-certify each year.

Other Ways You Can Help:

We appreciate any and all contributions, you can continue to help us by spreading the word! Please help us reach our certification goals by sharing our campaign.


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