Outdoor BBQ Decoration Ideas

I came across these outdoor BBQ decoration ideas over at purpletrail.com

Barbeque season is upon us.  First, create sensational  bbq invites to send out, then look to these easy BBQ inspired decoration ideas for your patio or deck space.  Our party experts have found some fantastic outdoor BBQ decoration ideas to help you create a fun and festive atmosphere at all your summer gatherings.

Mason Jars

  • Put those jelly and mason jars to some good used.  They be the foundation for beautiful candlelight and also summer blooms.
  • When putting candles in the jars, try filling them part way with sand first.  It provides a little extra stability for pillar candles.
  • You can wrap them in colored tissue paper for an added glow.  Just make sure the paper doesn’t go all the way where it could be reached by the flame.
  • Pick a great bunch of daisies, lilacs, peonies or whatever your favorite summer flowers and use the jars as a vase.  Tie a little raffia or ribbon around the top for festive touch.
  • You can wrap wire around the top of the jars and create a handle to hang as lanterns around the yard on shepard’s crooks.
  • Table Decor
    • Nothing says outdoor gathering like a red and white check table cloth
    • Oil clothes come in all kinds of designs if prefer something beyond a traditional picnic pattern.  They are great for the outdoor tables because the clean up so easily.
    • Bandannas are another simple and easy adornment for the table.  Layer them down the table as a table runner, use them as napkins, and line baskets to be used for dry foods like buns and chips.
    • Use cake plates to pile up sandwiches or to put the burger fixins on. Creating different levels on a buffet table makes for a stylish presentation.
    • Use a cardboard beer bottle six pack holder for condiments.  Plastic squeeze bottles of ketchup, mustard, and mayo fit perfectly.
    • You can also use them for silverware.  Put the silverware in cups and place the cups in the holder.


    • Galvanized buckets are a great way to keep canned drinks cool when filled with ice.  Create several drink stations by placing a few buckets filled with different drink choices (one for soda, one for water and one for alcoholic drinks).
    • A large glass pitcher filled with lemonade makes a great addition to any table (and it’s delicious!)
    • Consider purchasing a set of real glasses to be used.  Some good plastic, reusable glasses are a good investment and better for the environment than always using disposable.  You can find glasses with great summer designs that you can use for years.


    • Outdoor lights are a beautiful addition to any patio or deck.  You can even add them to low hanging tree branches or bushes.
    • Paper lanterns are also a beautiful addition to the backyard.  You can buy individual lanterns to hang from tree branches or purchase a string of lanterns to hang from the eves.
    • A chiminea or fire pit are great for toast marshmallows or just gathering around as the evening cools down.  Burning pinion pine logs also repel mosquitoes.
    • Consider getting some all weather over-sized pillows for the deck or patio.  Guest will love being comfy and cozy as they sit and chat with friends.

    Have a wonderful time entertaining this summer.  Enjoy the great weather, good company and great food.  Check out more of PurpleTrail’s bbq ideas.

    What is your favorite BBQ food?

    Cindy, who loves “cookinwithmixes”